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No animal products are used in our herbal medicine, all of which is legal for UK use.

Chinese herbal therapy involves the use of natural plants in raw or processed forms. Each herb has its own specific characteristics and particular use in the treatment of a range of ailments by rectifying any imbalance of yin and yang, and to help restore the body to its normal functions.

Traditional herbal medicine therapy

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Traditional Chinese herbal medicine includes:

The form of herb usage can be through pills, tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ear candles, granules, creams, oils and lotions.


Loose herbs – roots, leaves or fruits etc. which are decocted (boiled up) to extract the pharmacologically active ingredients.


Powders – dried preparation of the decoction.

Different types of medicinal herbs

Chinese herbal therapy must be given by qualified TCM practitioners. The practitioner conducts a diagnostic interview, which includes asking questions relating to your health problems, taking your pulse and examining your tongue, before making a prescription.

Qualified TCM practitioner

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