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Firstly the practitioner considers the patient’s overall symptoms, as well as the type and severity of illness and how and where it occurs. The patient’s sex, age, and general health are also noted. Then following guidelines from classical texts, the practitioner forms a basic prescription and then adjusts the mixture to the needs of the patient by adding or deleting various herbs, or manipulating the dosages of the compounds to fit the precise disharmony. However, if there are suitable patent herbal medicines for easy usage, these will be the first choice for patients.

At Ever Health Medical Centre, we provide a range of traditional Chinese herbal medicines from entirely natural ingredients.


Dr Wang is a registered traditional Chinese Medical practitioner with over 25 years of experience. To help improve your health and wellbeing, Dr Wang will prescribe a variety of herbal medicines that are carefully designed for your individual requirements.

Herbal treatments in Finchley

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How is a herbal prescription constructed by a TCM practitioner?

Traditional Chinese medicine is safe with few side effects. Most of the side effects you may notice are due to the fact that the body has to readjust. Minor side effects may include loose stools, or diarrhoea, of which you will be informed beforehand.


It is illegal in the UK to use harmful ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine. To ensure that the herbal medicine prescribed for you is legal and safe, you should only see a qualified and registered TCM practitioner.

Does traditional Chinese medicine have any side effects?